“Google Duplex” Possibility to replace Call Centres, according to reports

Google is reportedly developing and testing a new king of voice assistant codenamed “Duplex”. It is Google’s new Natural language voice assistant. They are expecting it to replace call centres and answer customer service question to the Realtime users.
According to the statement made by a google Spokesperson to The Information currently they not actively testing it and are taking a slow and steady approach in incorporating the results that they are getting from their intense testing. Google is not testing the tech with the business right now but the business world itself could be looking for the ways to use this impressive tech. 
The statement made by the spokesperson was “It’s important that we get the experience right both for the people and for businesses and we’re taking a slow and measured approach as we incorporate learnings and feedback from our tests – Google spokesperson”.
If Google’s plans are successful they we may be looking at world wide disruption in call centre business. But one question still remains, would Google’s Duplex Assistant be able to understand the tone of the customer who is calling and reply accordingly?
What Google Duplex actually is an extension of Google Assistant which uses natural human language accents to call and talk to actual people. The Assistant try to sound as Human as possible and imitating a real person making the person calling feel like they are talking to a real representative.
When Google Duplex was Demonstrated at Google I/O it made quite a fuss among people, they were both amazed and a little bit freaked out about the moral issues. The Google representative assured them that the assistant will identify itself before starting the conversation.

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